New Procedures for Accessing the Monte del Sol Campus

In the world of COVID-19, a commitment to our collective health and wellbeing has never been more essential, especially in a campus environment where we work together.


Participating on campus at Monte del Sol will be strictly limited beginning Tuesday November 10, 2020.  Protecting ourselves, our neighbors, and the Monte family community requires the full attention and daily dedication of each and every one of us.


For this reason, parents and students of Monte del Sol are required to make an appointment online for any activity, tech support or supply pick up.


Office Hours: 10:00 – 3:30pm

Please click on the link:


Tech hours: 10am first appointment and 2:30pm will be the last.

Please click on the link:


Choose a 15 minute meeting, enter your name, email and reason for your visit. 

If it will be to get supplies/books, be specific so it can be ready when you arrive.


When you arrive, please pull up to the front of the school and you will need to contact Desirae at 505-470-3317.  She will come to your vehicle to collect, retrieve or distribute.  You will remain in your vehicle.


If your visit requires entering campus grounds please follow these guidelines:



  • I will wear a face covering at all times on campus and when interacting with others on campus, keep at least a six feet physical distance.


  • I will practice physical distancing between others and myself, including avoiding gatherings and crowds.


  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, I understand the importance of personal hygiene and will do my best to wash my hands frequently and to not touch my face.


The motto “Not Self, But Others” holds a special place in the hearts of the entire Monte family community. Our combined efforts for the health and safety of ourselves and the entire community is how we can live safely during this time of pandemic. We know there are new expectations for us now, but in order for campus life to be successful, we need to work together to assure a healthy and safe community. As we get used to this “new normal” we need to exercise civility and grace with each other. If you have concerns or questions, please contact:

Desirae Soriano at or 505-470-3317.