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Wendy Leighton

Wendy Leighton is a founding faculty member of Monte del Sol Charter School and served on the Governing Board for one year as a faculty representative. She has been teaching for 28 years. She earned her B.A. from Skidmore College with honors in anthropology and wrote her senior thesis on the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute. Ms. Leighton holds an M.A. from Temple University in anthropology and film.  As part of her graduate school studies, she attended the Anthropology Film Center in Santa Fe where she wrote, directed and produced a short documentary The Cleaning of the Acequia Madre. Her 2004 film documents the struggles of the nomadic San people to legally regain their ancestral lands in Botswana.  Botswana Bushmen was filmed by Monte del Sol students who interviewed two bushmen who traveled to America to raise awareness about the genocide they face in sub-Saharan Africa.  Ms. Leighton currently teaches 7th grade Native American Studies and 8th grade U.S. History. She served for many years as a faculty co-sponsor of our Gay-Straight-Alliance (GSA) student club and continues to serve as a leader for diversity awareness and anti-oppression work at the school. She is also passionate about taking a lead for climate activism in solidarity with our youth.