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We believe that continuous learning is a key to leading a rich and fulfilling life. We believe learning never ends and that those who are learners are those who will succeed. Our curriculum revolves around the Essential Question 'Where and How Do I Fit into The World?'  All of our courses provide a framework in which students grapple with that question and we utilize seminar, interactive and discussion-oriented instruction in all our classes.

Monte del Sol has diverse course offerings in every subject. Arts courses include Theater Arts, Moving Images / Film Production, Photography and Visual Arts.   World Languages offered are Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish Language Arts for native Spanish speakers. We also offer Advanced Placement classes.

​Middle School

Monte del Sol offers an integrated course of academic studies including:

  • Mathematics: Pre-algebra or Algebra I (indicated through a math placement test)

  • World Languages: Spanish, Japanese, Arabic or Spanish Language Arts 

  • Language Arts: English 7, English 8; English Language Development

  • Social Studies: New Mexico History; US History

  • Integrated Science:  Science 7, Science 8

  • The Arts: Visual Arts, Photography, Theater Arts, Moving Images, and Film Production. Middle School students choose four different semester art courses  

  • Physical Education is offered in 7th Grade 

High School

Monte del Sol students require a minimum of 27 high-school credits to graduate. Courses include: 

  • Four years of Language Arts: English / AP English 

  • Four years of Social Studies: New Mexico History / Geography; World History / Geography; US History / AP History; Government and Economy

  • Four years of Mathematics: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Financial Literacy, and/or AP Calculus

  • Three years of Science: Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensic Science, Environmental Science

  • Three years of The Arts: Theater Arts, Photography, Visual Arts, Film Production, AP/Honors Art

  • Two years of the same World Language: Spanish, Arabic or Japanese; AP Spanish

  • Physical Education

  • Health (one semester)

  • Two years in the Mentorship Program