Climate Strike

Equity Council

Process for EC membership

The Monte del Sol Equity Council membership was announced with an all-school email in January 2020 and also explained to Spanish-speaking families at a meeting at the same time.

We explained to the stakeholders that this was a critical part of informing the management and pedagogy of the school and asked for volunteers. The eventual council was formed by volunteers from families, community members and staff. The groups identified in the Yazzie-Martinez lawsuit are all represented--Special Education,  Native American students, English Learners, and economically disadvantaged.


Volunteers were sought for those willing to be appointed as 4 year term members. The remaining members will serve 3 years.


Several members of the team will attend the Identity, Equity, & Transformation Forum January 24, and a meeting schedule will be established shortly after.


Clovia Askan

Jayson Askan

Robert Jessen

Jane Lawton 

Alfredo Lujan

Charles McIntyre

Cate Moses

Zoë Nelsen

Sonia Sanchez-Cuesta

Casey Stone-Romero