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Our Mission and Philosophy


Our Mission

Monte del Sol Charter School educates and inspires Santa Fe's diverse population in
grades 7 through 12, by building strong relationships and creatively engaging
the local and global community.
To do this, Monte del Sol Charter School will:
  • Provide a small school so each individual is known;
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of its members and the community;
  • Connect students with adult community members through the mentorship program
  • Foster awareness of the world through international trips, student exchanges, special events and curricula
  • Engage students in the arts through events, activities, and curricula;
  • Teach the importance of environmental sustainability in our curricula and through participation in the garden.


Our Philosophy

Monte del Sol is a small, rigorous, community-minded, public Charter School. It maintains a non-sectarian program and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, handicap, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or cultural heritage in the administration of its educational programs.  We embrace diversity fully.

Monte del Sol was founded in December 1999 in a spirit of collaboration with and support from the Santa Fe Public School District. The founders believed that learning best takes place in a small school environment where every student is known well.

They recognized that all learning is relational and that interactive, engaged learning is an essential element. A typical day may include project-oriented teaching, class discussion, reflective journal writing, experiential work, outdoor education, independent projects and individualized instruction as well as traditional lecture models. The school has an outstanding special services department serving the high numbers of gifted students and special needs students. Homework is expected in most classes.

Every student has a faculty advisor with whom they meet at least once a week in 'Home Group' to set and monitor academic goals and to build a respectful bond between students and adults. Every teacher has a Home Group of twelve to fifteen students.  Home Group Advisors also facilitate three parent conferences a year with the student and their parents to review performance and to set goals. We generally have over 95% parent participation at conferences.

Monte del Sol's diversity is reflected in the current year's enrollment of 67% Hispanic students, 4% Asian students, 17% 'Anglo' students, and 12% bi-racial students and other ethnicities, as well as in the wide range of ability levels.  We average an 80% retention rate of the student body and our graduation rate regularly surpasses that of Santa Fe Public Schools and the state of New Mexico.  

Admission to Monte del Sol is through an annual lottery drawing and since our founding we have an approximately 8 to 1 ratio of applicants to spaces available.  Charter Schools in New Mexico are required to renew their Charter every five years and our Charter was last renewed in 2015. Since its founding, Monte del Sol has made a significant impact on education in the Santa Fe community and we trust that the best is still to come.