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Student Achievements

March 2022

Malak Rashid was hired as a writer for Generation Next at the Santa Fe New Mexican. Congratulations Malak we are so proud of you!
Links to her articles can be found here:
Winter 2021
Jazmin Rodriguez and Ruben Cuesta-Ray participated in the MICC (Mock International Criminal Court) with students from Germany, Poland and Israel. Jazmin served as a judge and Ruben 
Worked as a reporter. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for representing us so well! Here is a link to the newspaper Rubens team created-
Kimberly Ortiz Alpizar, 11th grade, has won Second Place for 10th to 12th Grade in the Anti-Defamation League's Essay Contest, "A Tribute to Moral Courage: Standing up Against Injustice."  She will receive a monetary prize and will be honored at an online ceremony on April 28th.  
She had to research some key figures of the Holocaust, who exemplified moral courage, and then write an essay about a contemporary individual who she felt most exemplified this quality.  She picked Scott Warren, from No More Deaths, in Tucson, Arizona.  He was arrested for his work providing humanitarian assistance to immigrants crossing the desert from Mexico into Arizona.  This case has been in the news in the last few years. 
She was inspired to write about him because of a guest speaker she heard in US History class this winter - Alizah Simon - who is on the staff of No More Deaths, and discussed the work of the organization with the students.